Edu Galleria is the Top Moodle e-learning platform provider for schools in Nigeria.
We deploy and maintain Learning Management Systems technology for educational institutions (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary).
The primary platform we use to deploy e-learning is Moodle e-learning platform. Moodle is the world’s most popular e-learning platform with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. This makes it the number one choice for your organization if you are considering a learning management platform.

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About Moodle
Moodle stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, by mixing constructive classroom approaches with reading and writing there are potentially many powerful benefits to be realized for both students and teachers.
Moodle enhances communication and collaboration between Teachers & Students.
Moodle is a fully-featured, highly flexible open source Learning Platform also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment(VLE).

It can be used offline with a database and server or hosted on a server and accessed from any device at anytime.

Ease of Use
It really does not take a great deal of skills or computer knowledge to use Moodle.
With basic web browsing and editing skills, students (and teachers) can use Moodle – instantly! Adding Images, Videos, Formulars etc to courses is as easy using text editors.

User Roles in Moodle
The following are users roles in a Moodle System:
Site Admin


Activities in Moodle
These are some major activities out of numerous ones used in a Moodle Course:
Question Banks

For each module, staff create a simple Moodle course which includes a short description of the module, assessment methods and learning outcomes.
Links are added to any related course information including timetables, reading lists, web resources, videos, podcasts, images and lecture
Supports students at any time of the day, which is especially useful during revision periods.
Provides students who have difficulty taking notes or whose first language is not English with key course information.
Allows for coursework to be submitted online.
Promotes collaborative learning and the creation of learning communities.



The main strength of Edu Galleria lies in the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused operation to increasing customer’s awareness and satisfaction. We have the ability to blend current management practice and IT expertise into cost-effective Technology Solutions.
Our focus is for the client to maximize the potential of Moodle and achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.


Our core competence is in the installation, setup and configuration of moodle learning platform for organizations to help maximize their teaching and learning experience. We also integrate moodle with other existing systems, for example, zoom, bigbluebutton, jitsi, Active Directory, etc so that moodle can communicate with other applications within the same organization’s network.


Edu Galleria makes use of Google Analytics to track and analyze usage data of Moodle sites hosted by us. We use Google Analytics to provide usage statistics to our clients, pages visited, courses visited, etc.
The reports and analytics is embedded into the client’s Moodle setup so as to deliver usage statistics/information in one place on a real-time or scheduled basis.


We provide periodic support and maintenance service to include settings modification and weekly site backup, course backup and restoration.
Our helpdesk support staff are available to provide technical support, attend to and resolve customer needs related to the Moodle administration.


Training is the final phase of the deployment cycle for every Moodle installation. We provide majorly offline training to users (teachers, students and administrators) of the Moodle installation. The training includes, user creation and management, course creation and management, quiz creation, grading and general site administration, etc.
As may be required, we provide virtual training sessions after the initial on-site training.


We provide third party commercial hosting for our clients with very fast connection and round the clock availability of their Moodle site. This solution is cost effective and saves them the cost of setting up their own servers, electricity and internet bills.

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